Riso CZ180 Digital Copy Printer

Affordable printing, compact size
Affordable legal-sized print production
Compact size, giant performance, easy operation: all three are hallmarks of the RISO CZ180
digital duplicator. Sized to fit easily on a desktop, the CZ180 fits comfortably into an office, a
mailroom, or wherever you need advanced printing production. With a print speed of 130 pages
per minute, the CZ180 makes short work of the largest print job: a 500 sheet print run takes less
than four minutes to finish. And, since the CZ180 prints for as little as a third of a cent per page,
it’s truly the affordable printing solution.
This cost-effective, environmentally friendly digital duplicator prints on a wide variety of paper
stocks. Whether your printing needs range from newsprint, recycled paper, construction paper,
envelopes, or index card stock, the CZ180 is your entry level printing solution. Generate
excitement and retention by adding spot color to important documents quickly, easily, and
Convenient access
The large slide-out front panel gives convenient access to the print cylinder. As part of RISO’s
“clean hands” policy, the print drum pulls out like a drawer, allowing anybody to quickly and
easily remove and replace it with one of a different color (the CZ180 offers you a choice of five
ink colors). Setting ink and masters is little more than a one-touch operation.
2-up/2-in-1 printing: 2-up printing lets you print two copies of a single original side-by-side on
one sheet of paper, while 2-in-1 printing lets you print two different originals side-by-side on a
single sheet. These features conserve paper and increase print productivity.

RISO i Quality SystemTM: The RISO CZ180 is equipped with the RISO i Quality System. Two-
way communication between RISO i Quality Systemequipped printers and their supplies is made
via integrated RF (Radio Frequency) tags. These tags relay information to the printer, assuring
optimum first print quality and superior output throughout the entire job.