Standard SD722 Digital Copy Printer
Functioning as an accessory to the  SD700,  SD460, and  SD462, The Standard
SD722 provides unprecedented productivity and quality for two-color in one-pass
digital duplicator printing.
The SD722 allows any operator to precisely control the position of both images on
the final copy. Digital control does not stop with image positioning. No longer will time
be lost searching for levers and controls at both ends of the printer. The SD722
enables the operator to control paper feed and output settings right from the control

Unlike traditional single color duplicators, the SD722 is printing both color images in
one pass, improving output capability by more than 100%. Achieve additional time
saving and convenience with the Standard SD722 as it is no longer necessary to jog
and re-load the sheets to add a second color.

As the SD722 is an accessory, images are generated on the host duplicator at
600dpi (SD700) or 400dpi (SD460 or SD462). Once images are created, the SD722
runs at speeds up to 120 sheets per minute. The host duplicator is free to operate
for other jobs, or to add a third color to any document. Now that gives a totally new
meaning to productivity in printing.