Standard SD360 Digital Copy Printer
The SD360 is ideal for organizations such as Schools or Churches that need a cost
effective way to print in black or spot color, quickly and easily.
The SD360 is the latest in low cost high-volume printing. The new SD360 provides a
large 11 x 17 area platen glass and lets you choose how you accessorize with a rugged
platen cover or automatic document feeder. Its newly designed console and 4 line
message display keep the operator fully informed of all operational situations including
supplies replacement and paper miss removal.
•        Large Glass platen for easy book copying
•        Easy Color Printing Option
•        Great USB connection option
The SD360 follows in a long line of Standard duplicators that provide great features
with even greater economy. This printer prints at speeds of up to 130 8 1/2 x 14 sheets
per minute on a variety of stocks that include: envelopes, carbonless papers, recycled
papers as well as traditional copy papers. Ink colors come in black, red, blue and green
and custom built colors can be provided.

Equipped with a novel energy savings function the SD360 can shut itself off at a
specific time of day or period of non-use. The energy saving features combined with an
incredibly low power use during printing, the SD360 can use up to 80% less energy
than modern digital copiers.