Standard SD462 Digital Copy Printer
The SD462 is a great addition to in-plants, hospitals and organizations where speed,
economy and duplexing are required.
The Standard SD462 Digital Duplicator is at the forefront in high-speed and
high-volume print productivity. In addition to its press-like performance, extensive
stock and application versatility, ease of use and economy of operation, the SD462
delivers an entire new level of productivity with its innovative single-pass duplexing
on 8½" x 11" sheets at speeds up to 240 images per minute. This exciting feature
automatically prints both sides of a letter size sheet of paper in one pass combining
superior efficiency, economy and print quality. Additional benefits including
economical operation, spot color, fast drying inks, user friendly controls,
dependability and 11" x 17" stock capability at speeds up to 120 sheets per minute,
make the SD462 an important addition to almost any print environment.